Nominations open for 2020 award

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Red Smith Award. The award is presented to a person who has made “major contributions to sports journalism.” 

 The nomination process (and voting) is open to Red Smith Award winners, APSE past presidents, APSE national officers, 10-year APSE members and alumni members who belonged to APSE for at least 15 years.

Eligible voters should have received an email from former APSE Executive Director Jack Berninger, who handles the nomination and voting process. If you believe you are eligible to nominate/vote but did not receive a ballot, reach out to Jack at

Sandy Bailey Rosenbush was last year’s winner, and the next five people in the voting were automatically nominated for this year’s award. They are: Sally Jenkins, Christine Brennan, Tom Boswell, Bill Lyon and Mark Whicker. 

Others can be nominated and all nominations will close Thursday, February 6.

When making a nomination, please include biographical and other information advocating for the person.

Ballots will be sent out Tuesday, February 12. Biographical information will be included in that ballot for both the automatic nominees and new nominees. The deadline to vote is Monday, March 2.

Eligible voters may send their nominations to

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